Apr 11
Created by an anonymous source. That’s my quote though.

Created by an anonymous source. That’s my quote though.


Mar 30

Anonymous asked: you haven't posted much. how's your life going? anything of note?

This is true. Shame on me :P

Life’s alright. There’s one week of term left - SAC week. I feel nervous, not because I’m not ready, but because it feels like I should be freaking out, but I’m not. Education is a perilous thing …

In other news, I’ve been reading some Douglas Adams and Thomas Ligotti (two quite different geniuses), and a good friend is trying to raise awareness about the word infraphysical - if you’ve got twitter, follow @infraphysical right away!

So, there’s been some good stuff and some bad stuff. My blog turned 3 years old a few days ago - we should celebrate …

Oh, and hey! Thanks for the ask xooxx

Do send more!

Mar 24

Right now I’m all thunder and no lightning.

But I will storm again.

I’ll find my true colours - light up the night.

A spark in the dark. Shadows and all.

Mar 11

One of the best versions of an enduring classic. Just capable of killing you this time ... →

Feb 27

To Whom It May Concern … by James Macaronas

You think that it’s easy,
You’re sure that it’s quick,
To put me fast asleep,
And snap me like a stick.
With your tablets and tests,
Your repetitive rhetoric,
Your mindless exams,
Your imperialist metric.

You want me to drink,
But you want me to drive,
You want me to vote,
And you want me to thrive.
A model citizen!
Suit, shoes and tie!
You’ll never succeed,
Shall I tell you why?

Endless anxieties,
Poured in my head,
If I listened to you,
I might end up dead!
Break-ups at parties,
Deficit, war,
Upgrading phones,
Corruption and more!
“Is my dick the right size?”
“Should I fix my hair?”
“Am I human or not?”
You know what? I don’t care!

I may not be mad,
But I’m certainly crazy.
I’m a rambling shadow,
I’m weird, I’m zany!
I don’t have to grow up,
I can make my own way
In this bleak little world,
Full of hope and dismay.

I WILL write my stories,
I’ll whisper my word,
Of lobsters and teapots,
And all things absurd.
Of dragons and phantoms,
Of erudite ghouls,
There’s a storm on it’s way
You beautiful fools.

Imagination, I think,
Is inspiration enough.
For when things seem against you,
For when life can get rough.
Enough talk of stress,
Of bluster and bother,
This world gives life to one thing,
But murders another.

Burn all my daydreams,
Trample them down,
Cut out my smile,
And insert a frown.
I’ll get right back up,
I’ll flash you a grin,
Perhaps retort with a quip,
I know I can win!

Perhaps you will punish me,
For challenging you,
Kick in my head,
With a knife - run me through.
But your world is a mess,
And I won’t stand for that.
I’m happy with who I am,
And that is a fact.

I’ll converse with the pigeons,
No doubt give them a fright :(
I’ll conjure up robots,
And a dark, stormy night.
You never can break me,
Or act as a hindrance,
I’ll embrace the unreal,
And make my own difference.

- JM

Feb 06

Anonymous asked: What do you look for in a partner?

I suppose someone who’s clever and has an agreeable sense of humour - but I find most humour agreeable - and something beautiful about them - be it their eyes, or their way with words or their smile … someone who understands me a fraction more than most people perhaps? I don’t know. Someone I can be happy with.

Thanks for the ask :D

Feb 06

Anonymous asked: how's the weather?

hot. the weather is hot. forsooth, I do tell thee that the sun doth shine like a bonfire upon our fair land. no air-conditioning either - fun times.

In other news - thanks for the ask! More are always welcome

Feb 06

Anonymous asked: what was your first kiss like?

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm …

Ask me after it happens …

And thanks for the ask haha - do send more :D